I am writing to make a formal complaint having had the worst experience travelling with EasyJet


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Para: EASYJET Airline Company Limited


6th August, 2022 To Whom it May Concern Re: Flight Number: EJU5210 - complaint I am writing to make a formal complaint having had the worst experience travelling with EasyJet. The gates were called and my partner and I stood in the queue for speedy boarding. A man from EasyJet then came and changed the signs - apparently, he removed a sign from Ryan Air and replaced it with a sign from EasyJet, but this was not clear and the line had already formed. He failed to inform passengers as well. An argument then resulted between a member of staff from EasyJet and one of the customers standing in the line. The customer was trying to explain that we were in the queue for speedy boarding and that it wasn't helpful to change the signs after everyone had started lining up. It turned out that we were all standing in the wrong queue and everyone had to move. The member of staff involved was called Pedro Forte. He was arrogant, rude, unhelpful, unprofessional and he treated the man with disdain. In response to the customer's questions and complaints, Sr Forte began shouting and being generally disagreeable, saying that the client did not understand. He was speaking in English at this point. We spoke to him (in Portuguese) afterwards to explain that this was not the way to speak with customers and that he was in fact wrong, not the customer. He simply repeated that we did not want to understand and that the customers were being difficult. Whilst we were waiting in the line and speaking with Pedro Forte, another member of the EasyJet crew joined. Her name was Ines Furtado. She began by asking for our tickets. Her manner was aggressive and her behaviour was in fact worse than that of Pedro Forte. She began by saying that we were not priority travellers and that we could not travel with our cabin baggage - that it was not included in the ticket. We explained that we had paid for this through Kiwi and I offered to show her the booking with the details as proof of purchase. I have also attached this documentation to this complaint for your records. She told us that we would have to leave the queue and wait until all the passengers had gone through. We didn’t in fact leave the line, and Ines Furtado eventually left. We then arrived at the desk to be told by another member of staff, Marcia Nascimento, that the baggage I had paid for was again not reflected on the boarding ticket and that I would have to pay again. Obviously I refused - why would anyone pay twice? I showed my booking through Kiwi, with the reference to the paid cabin baggage, and she said as it wasn't on the system, she could do nothing. She was unhelpful, there was no apology, no solution. She was completely inflexible – and failed to grasp our point of view regarding the matter. Rolling her eyes, she said it was the fault of Kiwi, not EasyJet (I had bought my tickets through Kiwi) and this kind of thing, according to her happens all the time. I was then forced to pay an additional £30 for baggage, which then had to go in the hold rather than in the cabin. The member of staff then refused to give me an invoice, saying if this was something I wanted I would have to email customer services. We were then scrutinised by Ines Furtado and Marcia Nascimento boarding the plane, to ensure that we did in fact place the luggage with a member of the ground crew, seemingly to ensure we did in fact place our luggage in the hold and not in the cabin. We felt that we were treated as if criminals – and this after paying twice for the luggage. None of the staff were co-operative when we asked for their names as we wished to complain. Pedro Forte was particularly difficult and only revealed his name when pressed repeatedly. Marcia Nascimento had clearly forewarned Ines Furtado because when we asked for her name, she gave it immediately but was again hostile in her tone. The added time and stress caused by this situation was not appreciated and the hostility of the EasyJet ground crew at Lisbon airport is something I wish never to experience again. As a result of our luggage being placed in the hold, we were then made to wait for baggage and subsequently missed our train, delaying our journey home by an hour. The whole situation was completely unnecessary – caused in a large part by your team at Lisbon. I appreciate that system errors do occur, but I had the evidence on my phone, and this was ignored repeatedly by your staff. One further complaint involves a member of the cabin crew. When speaking over the tannoy, the crew member was unable to read from his script. I believe he was Portuguese, but he was incomprehensible in both English and Portuguese. He was delivering general information but was unable to communicate. It was nearly impossible to understand what he was trying to say, so stilted and stuttering was his language. I really do think someone employed in this capacity needs to be able to speak clearly in case of emergency or if it’s necessary to deliver safety information. That should be a minimum standard. To ensure other customers are not subjected to similar, these members of staff should immediately be interviewed, placed on competency and sacked if no improvement is made. I would like compensation for the stress and anxiety caused, the delays to our journey and a refund of the additional monies paid for the hold baggage. Furthermore, I would like a formal letter of apology from the members of staff involved which can be written in either Portuguese or English. I expect a prompt reply as well as actions and solutions to the above. Regards, Simon Stubbs and Magda Leiria.

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