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Para: Notino


I still did not receive my order or a reply to the below email? Could you please let me know when I will receive my order? Also on 06/01 I received a message from from MRW: O SEU PEDIDO 026790191691 NAO PODE SER ENTREGUE. PODE MODIFICAR O DIA DE ENTREGA EM www.mrw.pt/track/C3C23BA I checked and on the site says: data prevista de entrega 17/12 data de serviço: 16/12 estado: destinatario ausente, that is not true as I work from home and I am every day here. alterar data: there are no dates available. From: Annamaria Console Sent: 26 December 2020 19:36 To: Notino Subject: Re: Correu tudo como esperava? Dear Notino, Thank you for your email. I think before that you send an email like the below you need to make sure that the order has been received. In my case I bought 2 products to give as Christmas presents and still I did not receive them. This meant that I had to buy other presents to give and spend more money. Obviously I am not satisfied and I think is also not good that you gave me a voucher of 10 euros to spend, as right now I do not feel to buy anything else from your site.

Solução pretendida

  • delivery of the order and compensation for moral damages