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C. N.

Para: Solinca Colombo-Health & Fitness Club


I have been trying to cancel my membership at Solinca since 30 May 2020 and as of today 3 August 2020 I am still being charged for the services that I am not even using as I thought it had been cancelled. I am on a contract without loyalty and should have been able to terminate the contract with 1 month notice. In May 2020 Solinca was supposed to have sent an email notification to every member as to how the billing was working due to the Covid19 crisis and club restrictions. I never received this e-mail. During this uncertain time, I tried multiple times to phone the Solinca Colombo reception to get more information but the calls were never answered. Due to the club closures, lack of information as to when services were going to be available and also still charging for the gym service even though the club was closed I decided to cancel my membership. Finally on on 16th June 2020 I visited another Solinca club in Laranjeiras where they gave me the an e-mail of Ines Macedo the Manager of the club and I sent her a message that I would like to cancel the contract. This email was ignored. On the 24th June 2020 I sent another e-mail to Ines Macedo where I received a response 2 days later from a different person Ricardo Ribeiro Nogueira who said that due to the high number of email requests the contract would be cancelled by the 1 August 2020. I then replied to him saying that I had been trying to get in touch with the club since 20th May 2020 to cancel this contract and did not believe that it was fair that I my contract wasn't able to be cancelled due to their own adminstration delay. Again, my emails were ignored. I was subsequently charged 24.95EUR on the 22 June 2020 which should have been the final payment. During the month of July 2020 I was not charged at all from Solinca and so depite the lack of communication or confirmation I assumed wrongly that he had indeed done his job and cancelled the membership. They never sent me any information about when was my final day or membership or what services I could still use until then. On 3 August 2020, Solinca direct debited 49.90EUR from my bank account and so I went directly to the club to find out what was happening. After speaking to Sofia at the reception for an explanation and also Ines herself and explaining the cancellation issue and why am I still paying for the month of August despite having cancelled the contract in June and Ricardo saying that it would terminate on 1st August 2020 they refused to do anything about the situation. I also completed a complaint in the Folha de Reclamacao complaints book (28716559) I do not believe I should have to pay the 49.90EUR that they have charged me this month as it is their own adminstration fault that they cannot keep up with the paperwork. I cancelled my membership according to my contract with 1 month notice, even giving them the grace period of July (since I had been trying to get in touch with them since May)

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Solinca Colombo-Health & Fitness Club

Para: C. N.


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