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Mission, Values and Action

31 mai 2016


DECO - Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection defends the rights and legitimate interests of consumers, helping them to solve their problems and to exercise their basic rights: access to information for a better choice, the quality of goods, right to education, justice, health and safety. DECO contributes to more informed consumers, more enlightened, more aware, more confident and empowered, and able to be an engine of an innovative and competitive economy.



Our mission requires independence face to the political and economic powers. The claim actions and public positions we take result of our studies and analyzes, immune to any pressure. The total revenue of our business is reinvested for consumers through the expansion of our services and their responsiveness.


The concretion of our mission is based on quality and integrity to achieve the credibility of our work, based on our professional teams.


Our mission is permanently geared to the needs of consumers. Its implementation involves interacting with all players - consumers, the media, political power, public and private organizations - thorough and directly, assertive and appropriate way.


Every day, come to market new products and services increasingly sophisticated, with multiple functions at different prices, represented by numerous brands, which use bold promotion and selling technics. The consumer needs, increasingly, detailed information for the right choice that meets it real needs, within it actual financial possibilities.

Our work is in direct connection with consumer needs - by provide them with information on existing products and services on the market (features, functions, quality, safety, price, etc.) through our publications: Proteste, Teste Saúde, Dinheiro e Direitos and Proteste Investe . We also publish themed technical guides organized in order to provide consumers with a more comprehensive and detailed view on a specific topic.

We support and inform the consumer in the mediation of conflicts with the claimed entities through complaints presented to the competent public administration entities. We inform vulnerable consumers, providing support to the families in indebted situation through the Support Office for over-indebted. We also promote consumer education in school, fostering a new generation of more critical, responsible and responsive consumers.

A substantial part of our action is based on the demand for the adoption or amendment of legislation, necessary for the most effective defense and protection of consumers’ interests, as well as their compliance and control.

Consumer representation is one of the rights established in law and DECO fulfills that right giving voice to all citizens, enforcing their rights and legitimate interests with national, European and international official entities. Our work in consumer protection has taken on a complexity and such extension, which leads us to represent them in the public administration and at other national and international official entities.

With headquarters in Lisbon, DECO has six regional offices - Minho, North, Coimbra, Santarém, Évora and Algarve. Delegations enhance a widespread and concerted action of the Association throughout the national territory, guaranteed access for all consumers to our services. DECO and DECO PROTESTE publisher work closely with similar organizations in Spain, Italy, Belgium and Brazil. It is also BEUC member (Bureau Européen des Unions de Consommateurs), CI (Consumers International) and ICRT (International Consumer Research & Testing).